Heading Into The World Of Professionalism

In the next months, I will be allowing myself to tackle projects so I can launch my art career, I want to try my hand at nearly everything no matter how frightening it may seem since I do not see myself as a professional just yet. It’s so crazy, to finally say I own a more professionalized art portfolio on the internet instead of an art Tumblr. My first art portfolio was more of a personal collective rather than something of an aim to professionalism. It was tacky, distasteful because I had just discovered the concept of online portfolios and was drawn to the platform of showing off your work in a neat setting online but went about it in a really noobish way. Debating on deleting my DeviantArt account as well because of sentimental values, might delete in the coming months as I work on establishing my name in the art world, getting myself out there as much as possible. I want this to be the only art portfolio floating around besides from my Facebook page to posting on Instagram and my personal Facebook profile.

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