As an artist, I feel like I am always evolving each year with my work and as it is nearing the end of 2018 (hello November!). It has really matured along with my perspective on life and in a good way. I’m not the most perfect person, I am very self-critical of myself and I know it has a lot to do with a lot of critical people I have met along the way from being a small child following into my young adult years, shaping me into the artist I am now because instead of taking the things they say completely into my heart, I stood back up and fought for what I wanted in life. I cannot stress it enough to how humble I am to have a talent to see the things the way that I do. 

Anyways, enough with the sappy story, I know. Cleaning and reshaping this portfolio is tough business, this was just some mad self reflecting I’ve been dealing with each time I work on my art, exploring new ways to share what can’t be said with words all the time and with a mind that runs a mile a minute, makes it worse. Ha! Added a new section to practice 35mm photography, I want to do photoshoots soon too plus cleaned up my polaroid section. Currently working on buying some new cameras which includes the new OneStep+ because analog photography is life. Enough said.

The Art of Collage

Acquired my first Macbook Pro and despite it being pretty ancient (mid 2010 model), it came with some much needed goodies such as Photoshop CS 2017 and to celebrate this, I’ve been working on my collage skills to incorporate with my illustrating skills + painting skills. Since switching from my usual on the go work space (android - Samsung Galaxy S series and HP laptops) to Apple everything (iPhone 8 Plus and Macbook Pro mid 2010 model with MacOS High Sierra), my creativity outlets have started to broaden which is a good thing; I’m getting better access to the things I found useful while going to school at SAC.

Here are some digital collage examples:

Fulltime Artist

Working on this site to make it look more professional, had to quit my day job to focus on something that matters to me the most and while having easy cash was nice, I missed working on my art day in and day out. Recently just got into UTSA to work on my BFA which took me what feels like forever and to be honest, when you turn 30, everything feels short vs when you’re younger. I want to also continue onto getting a masters later on but that one is a different story, hopefully I have what it takes to get into a top liberal arts college like Pratt or School of Art in Chicago.

Using Format