Edwin Ray Gibbons - Curriculum Vitae  

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Artist Statement

Going to be as honest and real as I can, my work doesn't have a particular direction, usually I get my best ideas while being sleep deprived. I work mostly at night, hunched over my desk while working on my computer or sitting on the floor, covered in paint or glue or pencil & ink marks, basically whatever medium I chose to work with. As for photography, I like to experiment with techniques, those tried and true (my favorite being analog/35mm photography). I like doing work that is out there; a little weird, a little kitsch with nearly 100% original concepts because let's be frank, nearly every art idea has already been flirted with but I still don't mind recreating it and giving it my own little twist to shake  it up. I don't like to give titles to all my pieces because I like to let my work speak for itself or for whomever I am creating it for.


  • 2014 - AA in Art from San Antonio College
  • 2021 - BFA in Painting & Drawing from University of Texas at San Antonio


  • 2014 - Opened The Art of Eddie Valentino

Features & Invites

  • 2018 - Featured in Ello Curated in Illustration
  • 2018 - Artist Invite Accepted by ArtMoi
  • 2018 - Artist Invite Accepted by Talenthouse for Aquaman (In theaters 12/21!)


  • 2018 - UTSA Print It Up! @ R Space Gallery (Group Exhibition in San Antonio)
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